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Front of House Assistant

NVQ Level 3
Course Duration: 3 Months

Job outlook, objectives of the course and career paths available following completion of the course

The Sri Lankan tourism sector has been experiencing an impressive growth over the years with the number of tourist arrivals and by attracting top tier tourism and hotel investors to the country. With future expectations of the country as a tourism destination, immense job opportunities are expected in the hospitality sector requiring the need for properly qualified quality staff for the upcoming demand.

The Hotel Front of House l plays an important role in the hotel industry, The front office can be known as the main nerve of the hotel as the first and the last sector to interact with a client. Beginning to work in a hotel as an Assistant in that area involves interaction with customers as they arrive which indicates the importance of good training for the tasks involved. . Guests interact with the hotel for the first time by interacting with the staff of the front office, and they form the first impression about the hotel based on the efficiency, competency and behavior of the front office staff.

The reception desk performs the functions like the sale of rooms, guest registration, room assignments, handling of guest requests, cashier work and providing information.

The financial tasks usually handled by the front desk personnel including receiving cash payments, handling guest folios etc.

In addition, Front of House includes the Bell Desk, which greets customers and transfers them to service areas, and deals with luggage.

Modules To Be Covered

1. Maintain personal grooming & hygiene and workplace hygiene & safety

This module covers the competencies required for the learner to exeplify principles and practices of hygiene and cleanliness and maintain personal grooming

2. Introduction and orientation to hospitality industry and the responsibilities of front of house personnel in a hotel

This module covers the competencies required for the learner to get an overview of the hospitality industry and demonstrate the understanding of duties and responsibilities, accountability and quality of profession

3. Bell desk operations

This module covers the competencies required to attend to bell desk operations where they will meet and greet guests and help them by carrying the luggage

4. Accept reservations and prepare for arrival

This module covers the competencies required to accept reservations, prepare for arrival, manage reservations and prepare for group arrival

5. Registration of guests and groups of guests

This module covers the competencies required to welcome and register guests and promote facilities and services within the hotel

6. Guest departure

This module covers the competencies required to facilitate guest departure

7. Front office cashier

This module covers the competencies required to perform front office cashier duties

8. Telephone dealings

This module covers the competencies required to deal with telephone inquiries and communications, and provide telecommunication services to the guests and management satisfaction

9. Career skills - 1

This module provides basic communicative skills in English and effective elementary reading and writing skills and basic knowledge of grammar to facilitate this. It also introduces cognitive skills with regard to effective work and the ability to work efficiently alone and in a team

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